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Our organizers have worked tirelessly on planning this event and we know it’s going to be a one-of-a-kind occasion. Take a look at this section to find out more about the co-founders and the current organizing team.

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Jana Howlett

Co-founder and Chair

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Simona Majerníková



Jakub Csabay



Team 2022

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Andrea Komová

Project Manager

Andrea Komová

Project manager

Andrea is a candidate in MPhil in Development studies at the University of Cambridge, focusing her research primarily on the relationship between data, technology and society. She received MA degree in Politics and Central and East European studies from the University of Glasgow, worked for various NGOs and international organisations and throughout her professional life has been deeply focused on empowering young female students. Andrea oversees organisational aspects of the Conference and is always happy to answer any queries you may have.





Jana Hochel

Web master

Jana is a finalist in Land Economy Tripos at the University of Cambridge. The past two years, she has been collaborating with HB Reavis as a research and data analyst intern analysing the real estate development in the V4 and the UK. She is heading to HB Reavis after the university to become a full-time data analyst. As a former Head of Operations in a digital marketing startup Inonda in London, Jana is the web master of the CCEC 2022.



Tereza Zoumpalova

Speaker coordinator

Tereza is a final-year undergraduate in Land Economy (Economics, Law, Environment) at the University of Cambridge. Her interests lie mainly in environmental and economic sustainability and how these goals can be pursued at regional, national and international scales in a way that promotes development at the same time. She has explored these matters during her work at the Institute of Circular Economy in Prague as well as in the Environment Directorate at the OECD. For this year's Conference, she is contributing to planning the programme and choosing speakers. 





Magdaléna K.

Speaker coordinator

Magdalena is a candidate in MPhil in World History, focusing on global inequalities, imperial histories, and international student networks in the 1960s. She received her BA degree in History from Durham University, where she also took part in various international initiatives supporting human rights and equality. For this year's Conference, she contributes to planning the programme and choosing speakers. 



Kiryl Zach

Speaker coordinator

Kiryl is a fourth year PhD student in the Centre for Developing Studies at the University of Cambridge, where he works on the topic of industrialisation and industrial policy of Poland in historical perspective. He has worked on projects related to industrial strategy and green transition and has been involved in several initiatives related to reforming economic education in universities, especially organising Rethinking Economics network conferences and initiatives. He is helping with the choice and communication with Conference panellists, and various other planning responsibilities.


Barbara Bačová

Logistics coordinator

Barbara is a final-year undergraduate in Human, Social, and Political Sciences at University of Cambridge. Having focused on Social Anthropology in her degree, with anthropology of development being her research area of interest in particular, she is interested in critical, people-centred approaches to development and how sociocultural knowledge proves to be crucial in their creation. Barbara is helping out with planning the programme and logistical aspects of the conference.


Leo is a medical student in his fourth year at the University of Cambridge. His interests lie in computational neuroscience, behavioural psychology, global health policy, ethnic minority rights, contemporary warfare technology, education reform, European politics and gardening. He holds a BA in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour from the University of Cambridge. For this year’s conference he is contributing by choosing speakers.



Leo Nagy

Speaker coordinator

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