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Pledge for Ukraine

CCEC 2022

Although our conference has aimed to and remains apolitical, inviting people from different sides of the political spectrum, and while the recent developments in Ukraine are beyond the scope of our conference, our countries are deeply connected and we would like to express our solidarity with Ukraine, and its citizens - those still in Ukraine, those living in our countries, as well as fellow students, staff and colleagues at the University. 

We have decided to donate all the proceeds from the conference raised from ticket purchases to Človek v ohrození (the Slovak equivalent of People in Need), a charity supporting Ukrainians through safe accommodation, food and water as well as other forms of support. Whilst there might be little that we can do, this is our small share of trying to help. You can find more ways to help in the comments.



Resources linked by the CU Ukrainian Society:

Website for info:

- Ukraine: Support the Ukrainian army: Повертайся Живим / 'Come Back Alive', a Kyiv-based

charity, provides Ukraine’s Armed Forces with equipment, software, personal body protection, training, etc:

- UK:

British-Ukrainian Aid

supports victims of the ongoing war, orphaned children, IDPs, the wounded, etc.

The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain - London Branch are fundraising for humanitarian


- US:

Razom for Ukraine


Nova Ukraine

raise money for Emergency Response:

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