Mr Jaroslav Veis

Mr Jaroslav Veis

Mr Jaroslav Veis

Jaroslav Veis (b 1946) is a journalist, translator from English and writer. Educated at Charles University, Prague (grad. 1971), Nieman Fellow at Harvard University (class 1994).


In 1970s and 1980s he wrote on science mostly for youth magazines, edited fiction at Publishing house Mladá fronta, Prague and was freelancing. In 1990 he joined daily newspaper Lidové noviny, as columnist and editor (managing editor 1991, editor in chief 1992). Columnist in Týden weekly, Právo daily, BBC Czech Service and Czech Public Radio, at present he regularly writes opinion and op-ed for Lidové noviny

From 1997 to 2012 he was advisor to the Speaker of Czech Senate Hon. Petr Pithart


Author of books of stories, mostly SF, i.e.:

“Experiment pro třetí planetu” (Experiment for the Third Planet, Prague, 1976), SF stories

“Pandořina skříňka” (Pandora’s Box, Prague, 1979), SF stories

“Moře času” (The Sea of Time, Prague, 1986), stories

“Den na Kallistó” (A Day at Kallisto, Prague, 1989) SF stories

“Čím drží svět pohromadě” (How the World Holds Together, Prague, 1990), essays on science, co-author and editor

“Týden po týdnu” (Week by Week, Prague 1997), collected columns, with Jiří Hanák and Michal Růžička

“Evropou obchází strašidlo” (A Spectre Is Haunting Europe), stories, Prague 2009

“Obrázky z československých dějin 1918-1945” (Pictorial History of Czechoslovakia, 1918-1945), with Jiří Černý, Prague 2011.


Translations, i.e.:

Brian Aldiss – Nonstop, Isaac Asimov — The Naked Sun, David Halberstam – The Fifties, Fareed Zakaria – The Future of Freedom, In Defence of Liberal Education, Michael Goodwin – Economix, Andrew Scully – Madness and Civilization, at present working on translation of Stephen Levitsky, Daniel Ziblatt – How Democracies Die.